Cedric Bernadotte | Artist

I love when google searches lead to inspiration. I recently came across the work of Cedric Bernadotte when looking for materials for a public art exhibition we're planning for the campus of Winston-Salem State University.

Bernadotte creates large scale interventions in public spaces from materials like scotch tape and cellophane that envelope existing objects, from benches to bike racks, transforming them into other worldly creations of stretched plastic. He hopes the work will catch passersby in their daily flux, inviting them to stop and re imagine urban spaces. By covering forms in ways that enhance their existing shapes, his work "makes it possible to discover the architecture"* and to consider its possibilities and place in culture more deeply. 

You can see more of his work on his website at http://cedricbernadotte.com/

*from the artists website

ALL images below Copyright artist Cedric Bernadotte/ reblogged or reposted here on my blog from the internet google image search simply to share this artists work to a wider audience